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TST tourist presents 2020 Brilliant Ao Dai awards

Monday, 24/02/2020, 21:55 GMT+7

On the morning of February 12, 2020, TST tourist hosted an award ceremony for our 2020 Brilliant Ao Dai program to honor collectives and individuals from all units under our company.

The results of the 2020 Brilliant Ao Dai program are as follow:


- Winner of the Stylish Ao Dai award: the tour guide staff


- Winner of the Impressive Ao Dai award: the domestic travel staff

- Consolation prizes:

+ Collectives with excellent investment for the 2020 Brilliant Ao Dai program

The Department of Finance and Accounting

The Department of Individual Tourists and Outbound Travel

+ And individuals who actively contributed to the program.


The Brilliant Ao Dai program has been our annual activity since 2017, in an attempt to honor the traditional cultural values and the charm of ao dai, develop the spirit of corporate culture, and nourish a team of young employees with knowledge, culture and standards. This year, the Brilliant Ao Dai program took place from January 6 to February 8, 2020, helping create a springtime atmosphere full of excitement and vivid colors.

The Brilliant Ao Dai program will be continued in the following years as an annual traditional event at TST tourist. This is also the way our company responds to the annual Ao Dai Festival of HCMC, a very meaningful event.

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