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TST Tourist goes on charity trip to Ben Tre

Monday, 07/10/2019, 08:09 GMT+7

The Labor Union of TST Tourist on September 22, 2019 organized a charity trip to the Center for the Protection of the Elderly and Children in Ben Tre Province.

Since doing business must always be associated with corporate social responsibility, the Executive Committee of the Labor Union of TST Tourist on September 22, 2019 arranged a charity trip with the purpose of improving the sense of responsibility among our staff members towards the community, showing our loving-kindness to the unfortunate individuals at the Establishments No. 1 and No. 2 of the Center for the Protection of the Elderly and Children in Ben Tre.

With the participation of more than 40 union members and journalists, plus the generous contributions from our company’s departments, sponsors and partners, TST Tourist presented the resident elderly and children with 120 practical gifts, which are all necessities like rice, sugar, monosodium glutamate, cooking oil, coats, towels, soap, medicated oil, condensed milk and confectioneries, among others. Our delegation visited and gave gifts to 85 elderly people and young boys at the Establishment No. 1 and 38 girls at the Establishment No. 2. This is not only a material assistance but also a sharing of love from all members of the delegation to the center. Hopefully, these gifts will bring positive energy, and spread love and joy to everyone.

Not only known as a professional travel company, TST Tourist has also actively participated in lots of volunteer activities for the sake of the community. The aforesaid charity trip is an annual activity of our company, which is designed by TST Tourist as a popular movement within our departments, in an attempt to heighten the spirit and responsibility of each individual to the community.

Source: TST tourist