Tiếng Việtvn


Tuesday, 14/05/2019, 10:24 GMT+7

Dear all our distinguished customers,

Inaugurated in 1995, TST tourist has been one of travel companies that possess proudly long-history establishment and development in Ho Chi Minh City since open-period stage. After more than 20 years, TST tourist  has determined itself to be one of Top Ten Travel Company in Vietnam in general and in Ho Chi Minh city in particular.  TST tourist is one of the Top Leading land tour operators in Vietnam and Vietnam's Leading Travel Agency 2018 has been recognized by World Travel Awards 25th in Hongkong for its outstanding achievements, TTG Travel Awards 2019 and excellent services for many consecutive years.

With our motto “Unstoppable Development”, TSTtourist, from founders in the beginning, has been built up to an organization with more than 200 members belonging from Sales departments as well as Support divisions. We are also proud of possessing a team of professionally-trained full-time tour guides with the aim of bringing highest satisfaction to all our customers in both domestic and abroad trips

With our effort to develop compatibly in three markets: International tourists (Inbound); Outbound and Domestic Tours; Support services (Visa, Air ticket, Hotel Booking, Transportation supply), TSTtourist always plays a pioneer company  to diversify our array of itineraries to all over the world, bring opportunities of  global cooperation, development, integration to both Vietnamese businessmen, tourists and vice versa, introduce Vietnamese cultural, historical Values and lifestyle to other friends in the world.

- TST tourist was established to accompany and serve you with all of our passion, conscience and professionalism

- Our success of TST tourist constitutes from restless effort of each member to bring our customers highest satisfaction. This is our responsibility as well as pleasure that are trusted from our distinguished customers from each journey

- TST tourist would like to express our gratitude to all beloved customers and expect to accompany and serve you enduringly

Vietnam, more than you have ever imagined.

Travel changes you for the better and overcomes the barriers, prejudices and stereotypes when facing the unknown world. Inside this infinite world, a lively land of the past Indochina is waiting for you to be explored: Vietnam. Not only is a country in South-East Asia, Vietnam has also several faces that you might not know yet.

Get into a deep insight of the real Vietnam. Marcel Proust once said: “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes”. Each place, each people, has many stories to tell and can’t wait for you to hear them. Making everything possible for you to live unique local experiences is our mission and our passion. For over 20 years, we, local experts, have been sharing with our travelers the knowledge and the beauty of our motherland.

TSTtourist exclusively selected for you the best itineraries in Vietnam and Indochina that will catch all your senses. Beyond the breathtaking landscapes and the warmth of the Vietnamese people, go for an incredible immersion into the daily life of the locals, walk through the massive heritages of Vietnam and let us take you away off the beaten tracks. Explore the bustling cities or get around peaceful villages. You will not miss to taste the several different flavors of Vietnam.

Your travel journey will let an unforgettable print on your side and we can’t wait for you to write a new page with us.

Lai Minh Duy (Mr) 
CEO, Managing Director