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Hoi An Ancient Town never gets old

Monday, 20/05/2019, 14:05 GMT+7

If having a chance to visit Hoi An, you will strongly feel the tranquility of the red tile roofs and the mossy walls filled with nostalgic memories of the old town by the Thu Bon River. The beauty of Hoi An is always rustic and subtle, silently touching the heart of travelers.

About 30 kilometers south of Danang City, Hoi An Ancient Town is a popular tourist destination of Quang Nam Province with more than 1,300 relic sites including ancient houses, clubs, temples, shrines, ancient wells and lineage halls. For this reason, Hoi An was recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage in 1999. In addition, the famous U.S. travel magazine Travel Leisure has published the results of the vote for the world’s top 15 attractive tourist cities, with Hoi An honored to be ranked No. 8 next to San Miguel de Allende (Mexico), Florence (Rome), Kyoto (Japan), and Charleston (South Carolina)...

Bring yourself to a serene dimension

Hundreds of years has elapsed, and Hoi An still preserves its original charm. Come to Hoi An Ancient Town in the early days of autumn, and you will feel as if you have traveled back in time and relive the nostalgic atmosphere at the crowded commercial port of the Nguyen Dynasty, which is bustling and placid at the same time, melodious like a Quang Nam folk song.

In Hoi An, it is hard to hear the loud horn of a motorbike. Instead, the clatter of bicycles, the lovely cry of street vendors, the sound of radio broadcasting morning news or a couple of songs of the old days are very common, making our hearts flutter.

The appeal of ancient structures

Houses and temples dating back to hundreds of years ago are the priceless assets of Hoi An. Not only unique in terms of architecture, each of these ancient structures bears a deep mark of history, as the witness to a flourishing period of the nation. Travel to Hoi An and do not forget to pay a visit to the famous destinations such as the ancient houses of Tan Ky, Quan Thang, Phung Hung, and Duc An, the Fujian and Chaozhou clubs, and the Japanese Covered Bridge… Among them, Tan Ky Ancient House and the bridge are considered as the symbols of Hoi An, attracting millions of visitors each year, where most young people must check-in when in the ancient town.

More romantic Hoi An during nighttime

For Hoi An, lanterns are another indispensable “specialty”. As the night falls, visitors may catch sight of lanterns of various colors and shapes all over the town, creating a fanciful scene. Lanterns are not only used in festivals but also as a delicate decoration for ancient houses. If having a chance to stay here on a full moon full, the ancient town will offer you another wonderful experience at the Hoai River, where people float flower lanterns to pray for good luck and happiness.

Attractive dishes of the ancient town

When in Hoi An, just take a little walk around and you will easily run into eateries selling famous local dishes such as Hoi An chicken rice, cao lau (Hoi An specialty made with noodles, pork and local greens), Quang-style noodle, banh vac (white rose cake), banh dap (rice roll sheet and rice paper served with ground shrimp, green onion and fermented fish sauce), banh xeo (savory fried pancake) and com hen (baby basket clams rice)... Besides, one should not fail to mention the traditional snacks and sweets like the dessert soups with lotus seeds or hyacinth beans, Hoi An-style ice cream, sweet tofu, mango cake and banh da heo (steamed layer cake)... All the dishes are colorful and prepared in different ways, not only delicious but also eye-catching.

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