Visiting Dong Thap

14:43 06/03/2012
The Mekong Delta is the land of silt and friendly residents. It is also an attracting ecological tourism spot which has left beautiful impression on the tourists. And so is Dong Thap.

Walking in the flower village

It only takes 3 hours to get to Sa Dec, a crowed town of Dong Thap. Sa Dec is a also a place for tourists who are tired of the hustle and bustle of city. 3km away from the town, it is Sa Dec flower village, where brings people cozy and enjoying feeling among colorful flowers. Its area is 300 hectare, Sa Dec flower village is the first choice of tourist when coming to Mekong Delta. We can’t hardly mention Tan Quy Dong flower garden and Rose garden of Uncle Tu Ton. This village in along Le Loi street and River Sa Dec. From Gach Dau Bridge (near Tan Quy Dong market) this village has been founded over 100 years and famous for the art of gardening.

Going along the road to Tan My village, it wa the forest of colorful flower with thoudsands type such as rose, marigold, carnation etc… which are all shining under the sunlights. If you are mesmerized by this sight, it is understandable because the flowers here is beautiful from everywhere.

The atmostphere seems to be coolen by the color here and sweet smell have blown away all the heat of June. Slight touch the blooming rose, we treasure this beauty of nature. However, the most romantic and ideal time to visit this garden is raining time. Sudden rainy sudden sunny is true in Mekong Delta. The slight rain in the afternoon make us keep our eyes at those flower. It does not ruin the flower but make them stand out. The raindrops on the flower make them shine.

It’s a pity if you did not visit Uncle Tu Ton Rose Garden. He was initative in planting rose and of course he as become the most successful gardener here. Though it is now not as wonderful as it was but we still can catch the feeling of the memory of resident here.

Enjoying the cool wind from the river and sweet smell of the flowers, and induging in the atmosphere of “rose house” and “village of Spring” makes visitors not willing to leave.

Tram Chim National Park

From Sadec, we took a 3 hour ride to Tram Chim national park in Tam Nong ward Dong Thap Province where is famous for sarus cran – an endangerd specy. In order to get to national park, we have to go on small boat and the journey can be different. The shortest journey took one hour. The most interesting park is we can always breath fresh air of the field and looking at the cran flying in the sky, listening to the sound of the birds calling each other. Life is so peaceful and soft now.

It is 7000 hectare and across 7 communes of Tam Nong district. It is not only the land of beautiful sight seeings with rivers, cajuput forest. We have an opportunity to observe the house of 200 types of birds, in which there are some endangered. And especially there a type of bird that we all want to see with our own eyes – sarus cran. In moon calendar, from December to May is the time when the birds come here.

In the flooding period (from August to October in moon calendar) when visiting the park we can feel the beauty that mother nature has given to this land. The pure beauty of white lotus, pink lotus, rice field and millions of bird flying in the sky and fish under the water. Thus, Tram Chin park has been popular among tourists. For those who is first time here, no one can hardly be surprised by its beauty and hope for the next visiting.


•    The most beautiful time to visit Sa Dec Flower village is when it is coming to Tet since all household are planting flowers to sell. Not only in the village but also along Le Loi street, flowers can be seen.
•    Moreover, in the village there are a number of ornamental plants which age has reached hundred years and in different style.
•    Sarus cran is the highest bird can fly, some is 2 meter tall, with gray feathers.

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