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Long An is attracted travelers primarily to human culture values of Oc Eo, a culture has fromed and developed in the Mekong Delta. In Long An where has nearly 20 prehistory age vestiges and 100 cultural relics of Oc Eo were discovered and collected 12 thousands of items. Long An also has over 40 revolutionary historical vestiges, significant architectures and landscapes as Binh Ta vestige area, Can Duoc hundred pillar houses, soil mountain vestuge. As for the specialists in here is famous about aromatic rice at Dao market and other strange things as cong mien ha, Chot fish sour – soup or fermented fish roll.

One of the most beautiful vestiges in Long An that is Soil Mountain. Looking at in the distance, Soil Mountain is enormous and stands out between of clear, peaceful and rather poetic water clear, peaceful and rather poetic water lake. Soil mountain area is divided into three small island: the first island has moss grown large rocks intermix in the ancient trees to cash a shadow very cool. The moutain background is the path made by soil and stone jetty is the path made by soil and stone jetty is the path made by soil and stone jetty along the water edge to guarantee visitors’ safety. The second island is a small mountain embanked by soil connects with the first island is located on left of the lotus lake made by stone and covered by two sty axes.

Hundred pillar houses in Can Duoc – Long An is built completely by wood. House made follow the architecture of Nguyen dynasty; the vignettes decorated inside bring the South’s style. The composition of Hue’s kingpost house – stye, it’s not allowed to use the row of main pillars between the house – frame that connects each other by single couple follow widthwise and wedged tightly by a wood – bar through called Cay trinh. As for shield which is divided between the living room and house for worship, beside are pomegranates

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